Business Sites and Property

Looking to relocate? Establish a business in Jefferson County, Tennessee, and experience daily mountains views, abundant natural resources, ease of transportation, and relaxed quality of life. When you relocate or settle your business into the mountain views of Jefferson County, you can do so knowing your future is being built on hard work and dedication by the citizens around you.

Jefferson County

Prospective business locations


A Hub of the Southeast

Planes, trains, rivers, and automobiles have the accessibility to travel in and out of Jefferson County, Tennessee. Strategic location at the junctions of Interstate 81 and Interstate 40 makes Jefferson County prime realty for businesses who desire access to trade and shipping routes. Four U.S. Highways and 10 state highways connect the county to neighboring cities, along with air, water, and additional land travel opportunities.


Air Travel

The nearest general aviation airport, Morristown Regional Airport, is 18 miles away. McGhee Tyson is less than 45 miles away and operates 79 flights a day. Tri-Cities airport is an hour away.


Water Travel

A commercial port located 30 minutes away in Knoxville on the Tennessee River grants access to water transportation.


Rail Travel

Norfolk Southern Railway serves 22 states by 19,500 miles of rail, including Jefferson County.


Automobile Travel

Located at the intersection of I-40 and I-81 and home to four U.S. highways, and 10 state highways, you can reach anywhere in the Eastern half of the United States by car within a days drive.